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About Us

ChemTech is a closely held company with all stock ownership held by employees within the company. ChemTech provides its clients the unique perspective and motivation of having the owners of the company execute the day to day technical and design work. This level of ownership involvement in management and technical design creates responsiveness to the clients’ needs and a drive for quality that sets ChemTech apart.

ChemTech has assembled a select team of highly motivated engineers and designers with extensive experience in all aspects of the fine chemical, pharmaceutical, and other industries. ChemTech’s core group of managers and senior engineers each have an average of over 30 years of experience in the design field. A team of dedicated, aggressive engineers and designers, with 15 to 20 years experience who are trained in computer design and drafting, balances this group.

ChemTech is committed to achieving the highest standard of quality available in the field of process plant engineering and design. It is our goal to establish and continually upgrade the tools and procedures required to obtain and maintain a quality environment. Having industry veterans who are willing to change their approach based on innovative best practices is what has allowed us to deliver such outstanding results over the past 30 years.

Loss Assessment

Loss Assessment

Structural Design

Structural Design

Process Design

Process Design



Our Mission

ChemTech, Inc. (ChemTech) was founded in 1993 with a mission to provide engineering and design assistance to facilities and corporate engineering centers in the United States and has since expanded internationally. ChemTech is committed to the development and enhancement of technical and design partnerships which allow us to provide value to our clients over the entire life of a project from the process development phase through detailed design and installation.

The highly collaborative environment fostered at ChemTech allows engineers to work in cross-functional teams, ensuring that no engineering discipline is overlooked. While in larger organizations your work is often relegated to a specific discipline, at ChemTech, we ensure that our solutions seamlessly integrate with multiple disciplines in order to ensure our work adds the level of value you expect.

ChemTech’s projects range from feasibility studies, front-end design and cost estimates through detail design, construction management and start-up assistance. The company is capable of providing full service detailed engineering through construction assistance on projects up to capital costs of $20,000,000 and can provide front-end packages on projects with capital costs as high as $40,000,000.

Our Team

ChemTech was founded by a team of experienced professionals who have a deep understanding of the complex and unique challenges that arise in the loss assessment and engineering industries.

Gene De Vita

Partner/General Manager

Responsible for company corporate affairs, internal management of staff and coordination of all civil/structural and architectural design. Forty years of design and management in the fine chemical, polymer and, pharmaceutical industries.  Technical expertise in  architectural, civil and structural engineering.  Experience includes all aspects of structural design including blast walls, clean room and facilities which meet pharmaceutical cGMP standards. University of New Haven, B.S. Civil Engineering Registered PE: Connecticut, Indiana, Texas and FloridaMember: ACI, NFPA, ICRI, CI

William Higgins

Partner/ Manager of Operations

Responsible for supervision of engineering and design activities, preparation of engineering cost estimates, construction and engineering schedules and overall technical management of engineering resources. Work includes a broad range of process operations and consulting in addition to project management through construction of ChemTech’s most significant projects. Thirty years of experience in process/project engineering and design. Performed all aspects of technical design and project management. University of Delaware, 1979, BChE

Brian Stevens

Project Manager

Mr. Stevens is an electrical engineer with over thirty years of electrical engineering experience, project validation and start-up assistance. He is responsible for the design and supervision for the installation and start-up of industrial control and electrical systems for chemical, plastic and pharmaceutical and marine facilities. In addition, over the last twenty years, Mr. Stevens has work extensively on insurance related projects as an investigating engineering for the evaluation of causation and the measurement of property damage of commercial and industrial facilities.

David Roman

Electrical Engineer

Mr. Roman is an electrical engineer with over thirty years of electrical engineering experience. As an Electrical Engineer he is responsible for the design and supervision for the installation and start-up of industrial control and electrical systems for chemical, plastic, and pharmaceutical facilities. In addition, over the last fifteen years, Mr. Roman has worked extensively on insurance related projects as an investigating engineer for the evaluation and the measurement of property damage of commercial and industrial facilities.

Willis Hiscock

Process Manager

Mr. Hiscock is one of ChemTech’s senior process and project managers for pharmaceutical, organic chemical and utility system projects. He is responsible for the process design of chemical and pharmaceutical facilities including PFD’s, P&I diagrams, heat and material balances, process control, equipment specifications and utility flow diagrams. His job responsibilities also include process studies, technology evaluations and air emissions control. As a project engineer he has been responsible for the coordination of design activities on fine chemical and polymer handling systems His industrial experience includes refinery operations, bulk chemical and pharmaceutical production, pharmaceutical pilot plant and semi-works facilities, engineering polymer production facility expansion.

Simon Naveda

Manager of Latin American Operations

Mr. Simon Naveda has over twenty years of experience in the aviation industry. Responsibilities include documenting damaged property, evaluation of claims submitted, attending causation testing meeting, acting as liaison between the adjusters and the insured as well as acting as project coordinator with the adjustment team.

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